Hey Guys,

I’ve been away for so long and I feel like I’m stuck in a little bit of a rut. Right now in my life I seem to be in a sort of limbo and today I had an epiphany that there’s no time to wait around for someone to pull me out, I need to dig, scrape and claw my way out ASAP. I thought about returning to this blog but to tell you the truth I’ve never been happy with it and it seemed a little amateur to me. I’ve started a new blog, right here on wordpress that is not going to be solely dedicated to beauty; but also fashion, cooking (attempts), lifestyle posts and general musings. I feel like this is the right direction for me to go in to start afresh and all of you are welcome to join me if you would like!!

Thanks for all your support with this blog – every like or follow means a lot to me and I would love to have you brought a little closer to my life rather than going 3 months with no posts.

My new blog can be found at: http://www.bonniesthinktank.wordpress.com

For now, that’s all from bonniesbeautyblog xx


I Have A Model

Hello Lovelies, 

I just wanted to share the exciting news that I willing victim… I mean model, to help me out with future videos. She’s very beautiful and I hope you’ll love her.

I’d like to ask you guys what you’d like to see from us? I was thinking of doing a tutorial on how to may your lips look fuller without any weird suction/tingle techniques so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. Plus anything you’ve got your heart set on! Drugstore based tutorials… Orrrr something that I’ve seen requested a lot is a comparison between YSL’s foundations? The Teint Touche Eclat and the Youth Liberator? 

Anyway my dears, drop me a comment and I shall form your wishes into a reality. 

Love, Bonnie xx

Make-Up Musings

Hello Lovelies,

I confess that since postly weekly has begun I have been itching to write almost every day. It’s funny how when you become so passionate about something, it can begin to lose the shine after awhile.. Like listening to your favourite song on repeat over and over and over again.
Make-up and I have the same relationship. I go through stages of not wanting anything on face at all to spending an hour perfecting a smokey eye. It’s funny also that make-up has become such an integral part of society.. And not always in a positive way. A girl at school daring to let a spot breathe is deemed ugly, a new mother with no time and a naked face deemed unkept, a mature woman letting her laughter lines show deemed old and tired.
Isn’t it funny how the very thing shown to the public that should tell a story of our lives is, in fact no more than a work of fiction.
Now don’t get me wrong, make-up is one of my biggest passions. I use it to make me feel confident, noticed and maybe even a little bit sexy (oo-er).

What I’m trying to get across to you ladies is that make-up doesn’t have to rule your life. We are all beautiful. When we can come to realise that a face is just a face, a tool for expression, emotion, communication we will wonder why we were ever so worried about making ourselves look like something we are not. Life is too short to cover all our imperfections, we need to learn to love them.

I’m challenging myself at the moment; to look at myself without make-up on, in the mirror, every single day. And do you know what? It’s working. You don’t need to think you’re God’s gift to the world to have a little self confidence. When I get the occasional compliment I still blush like an idiot and don’t believe it. But seeing your naked face and being happy with, I think that’s where self peace originates. Because if you’re happy with what you have, it’s one of the most beautiful things to behold.

So, my lovely, as you sit here reading this cringy and deep blog post, remind yourself of the things you love about yourself, and challenge yourself to do so every day. It’s something we can all benefit from.

Love, Bonnie xx

January Favourites – Links to Products

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet as there is an accompanying video to this post but it is currently gluing itself together.. or something? I’m not really sure but there’s a long loading bar and it’s taking it’s sweet time to load that’s for sure.
Another niggle today is the fact that apparently Luvocracy just wasn’t made for Mac. I thought I was being clever organising my favourites into one simple collection for you but that’s not going to work… (believe me I’ve spent the last hour trying to make it do just that!).

Anyyyyyyway – I thought I’d go back to the old-fashioned of doing it and give you to the links to each individual item. If you want to hear me speil on about all them, stay tuned tomorrow!

Naked Care Mild Shampoo

Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rescue Rollerball 

NARS Laguna Bronzer

Eyeko Eye Do Mascara

Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Eyebrow Pencil

Non Beauty Items:

John Grisham – The Testament

Vivienne Westwood Foggy Tweed Long Coat (picture only)

I hope you enjoy the video!
Love, Bonnie xx


Hello Lovelies, 

I feel like an apology is becoming my trade mark start to a post. I’ve had the biggest bout of writer’s block and a hectic personal life meaning I’ve neglected my blog baby for over 2 months now. 
I wanted to come back with a new direction and a slightly more structured posting promise. My posts from here on out (I’m hoping) will include a lot more videos, will be a LOT more regular and will feed even the hungriest make-up maven inside you. As I’m making my comeback on a Tuesday, this is when I will posting from now on. I feel like once a week is a manageable amount for me at the moment and also gives me enough time to put together exciting posts for your perusal – I’ll have more time to research and test out products and hopefully it will make reading my blog a lot more exciting for you!

Seeing as it’s January (just) I think it would be rather fitting to see how I’m doing with my resolutions so far! 

My first was to get up earlier and so far I have failed so miserably with this! Hands up if you’re a serial snoozer! It’s so easier to set your alarm for 15 minutes later and have a little doze, so easy to think “well, my hair can go in a top knot today”, so easy to skip breakfast… Do you see where I’m going with this? If I get up earlier I can spend more time doing things, alleviating stress and panic and meaning I’ll be in a better position to get to places on time!

My second was to start blogging again and, like my first, this has also gone absolutely dreadfully. 

However, the good thing about resolutions is that you have a whole year to perfect them! So hopefully February will be a better month for me! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from me again, I’d love to know any of your resolutions if you fancy sharing them with me? I also wish you all good luck with accomplishing them! 
Love, Bonnie xx

Winter Series #2 – Body Care

Hello Lovelies!

I’m back today with my body care recommendations to keep the cold from making your skin dull and lack-lustre. The most important to thing to do is exfoliate and moisturise of a regular basis, but I have a couple of hero products to give your skin an immediate lift if you haven’t much time on your hands.


First off – my number one choice in exfoliator. This is the Pecksniff’s Sandalwood and Vanilla Body Scrub and it smells oh-so-good. This is a pretty pricey product; bought from a store this will set you back £25 but I found mine in Homesense for the bargain price of £4.99! The great thing about this scrub, aside from the heavenly scent is that it leaves a film of oil on the skin (which I know some people detest, but hear me out). It sinks in in a matter of minutes and leaves your skin feeling silky soft for days. I would recommend using a body scrub up to 3 times a week in Winter, especially if you have party coming up. 

A great choice if you hate body lotions or anything sticky is a dry oil. My choice is Champney’s Citrus Glow. This smells like oranges and lemons but also has a real warmth to it, making it a perfect Winter scent. This can be used in place of a perfume as the scent really lingers. It’s super moisturising and nourishing but opposed to a thin body lotion it sinks into the skin in seconds and you can get dressed right after applying this!

If you have a little more time on your hands I would recommend a thick, luxurious body butter. The Body Shop brings it when it comes to body butters and they do a wide variety of scents however my favourites are the Vitamin E and Papaya body butters. The Olive Oil one is also lovely. The Vitamin E one is perfect for before bed as you can really slather it on and by morning any dry patches will be moisturised and lovely – this is a great body butter to choose if you want a quick overnight fix for an event the next day. The Papaya body butter has a great summer scent to it – great if you’re making a Winter getaway to warmer climes! The scent isn’t so over-powering that everyone within a 5 mile radius gets knocked out by the smell, but lingers enough to encourage people to say “What IS it that smells so nice round here?!”.

My budget buy for body moisturisers is good ol’ E45 cream. For winter eczema patches, dry skin, blemishes, razor rash… Basically anything involving under-nourished, irritated, angry skin. I use this on my elbows, knees, shins and even on my face to lock in moisture after a face mask! This is a great product if you have really sensitive skin as it has no scent. It’s also great to use over the top of other body butters/lotions/oils to seal them and obtain maximum moisture.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post! Please be sure to give it a like or hit the follow button if you want to keep reading my Winter Series of posts!
Love, Bonnie