I Have A Model

Hello Lovelies, 

I just wanted to share the exciting news that I willing victim… I mean model, to help me out with future videos. She’s very beautiful and I hope you’ll love her.

I’d like to ask you guys what you’d like to see from us? I was thinking of doing a tutorial on how to may your lips look fuller without any weird suction/tingle techniques so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. Plus anything you’ve got your heart set on! Drugstore based tutorials… Orrrr something that I’ve seen requested a lot is a comparison between YSL’s foundations? The Teint Touche Eclat and the Youth Liberator? 

Anyway my dears, drop me a comment and I shall form your wishes into a reality. 

Love, Bonnie xx


Mary-Lou Manizer The Balm

Hello Lovelies!
A little chat about an impulse purchase today. We’ve all been there – picking up the (not so) necessaries from feelunique when suddenly your mouse slips and another product slips stealthily into your online basket. These products are usually ones we’ve heard raved about on youtube and the like and when the opportunity to snag one comes up – BAM – into the basket it goes.
That was the case with this luminising powder. I’d heard a few things about it whispered around on the blogesphere and wanted to try it for myself. The thing that really did it for me was “essiebutton”’s video. I think it’s called “If I Lost All My Make-Up” or something similar (let me know if you want to see me do that tag, by the way!).


So, when this arrived on my doorstep the first thing I noticed was the utterly adorable packaging. It kind of reminds me of Benefit’s packaging – anyone else have the same view? All of The Balm’s packaging is super sweet and kitsch, which appeals to me a lot a lot.
The product itself is craaaazy shimmery; I’m talking “pow” worthy. So, if you’re looking for a subtle high-light this probably isn’t one for you. However (and we all know how much I love that word) if you enjoy a good shimmery cheekbone – and let’s face it, there’s a moment when we all do – this is the bomb. It is warm toned so it brings that ethereal “glowing from within” thing that everyone wants (apparently). I use this with a fan brush and the lightest of strokes to apply to my cheekbones, brow bone (top and bottom), nose bridge and cupid’s bow. It looks especially good teamed with bronzer and a brown-based eye.
I think I’m going to enjoy using this in Winter because I can imagine it looking extremely elegant with a red lip and some cat-winged liner.

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Love, Bonnie xx