Make-Up Musings

Hello Lovelies,

I confess that since postly weekly has begun I have been itching to write almost every day. It’s funny how when you become so passionate about something, it can begin to lose the shine after awhile.. Like listening to your favourite song on repeat over and over andĀ overĀ again.
Make-up and I have the same relationship. I go through stages of not wanting anything on face at all to spending an hour perfecting a smokey eye. It’s funny also that make-up has become such an integral part of society.. And not always in a positive way. A girl at school daring to let a spot breathe is deemed ugly, a new mother with no time and a naked face deemed unkept, a mature woman letting her laughter lines show deemed old and tired.
Isn’t it funny how the very thing shown to the public that should tell a story of our lives is, in fact no more than a work of fiction.
Now don’t get me wrong, make-up is one of my biggest passions. I use it to make me feel confident, noticed and maybe even a little bit sexy (oo-er).

What I’m trying to get across to you ladies is that make-up doesn’t have to rule your life. We are all beautiful. When we can come to realise that a face is just a face, a tool for expression, emotion, communication we will wonder why we were ever so worried about making ourselves look like something we are not. Life is too short to cover all our imperfections, we need to learn to love them.

I’m challenging myself at the moment; to look at myself without make-up on, in the mirror, every single day. And do you know what? It’s working. You don’t need to think you’re God’s gift to the world to have a little self confidence. When I get the occasional compliment I still blush like an idiot and don’t believe it. But seeing your naked face and being happy with, I think that’s where self peace originates. Because if you’re happy with what you have, it’s one of the most beautiful things to behold.

So, my lovely, as you sit here reading this cringy and deep blog post, remind yourself of the things you love about yourself, and challenge yourself to do so every day. It’s something we can all benefit from.

Love, Bonnie xx