Hello Lovelies, 

I feel like an apology is becoming my trade mark start to a post. I’ve had the biggest bout of writer’s block and a hectic personal life meaning I’ve neglected my blog baby for over 2 months now. 
I wanted to come back with a new direction and a slightly more structured posting promise. My posts from here on out (I’m hoping) will include a lot more videos, will be a LOT more regular and will feed even the hungriest make-up maven inside you. As I’m making my comeback on a Tuesday, this is when I will posting from now on. I feel like once a week is a manageable amount for me at the moment and also gives me enough time to put together exciting posts for your perusal – I’ll have more time to research and test out products and hopefully it will make reading my blog a lot more exciting for you!

Seeing as it’s January (just) I think it would be rather fitting to see how I’m doing with my resolutions so far! 

My first was to get up earlier and so far I have failed so miserably with this! Hands up if you’re a serial snoozer! It’s so easier to set your alarm for 15 minutes later and have a little doze, so easy to think “well, my hair can go in a top knot today”, so easy to skip breakfast… Do you see where I’m going with this? If I get up earlier I can spend more time doing things, alleviating stress and panic and meaning I’ll be in a better position to get to places on time!

My second was to start blogging again and, like my first, this has also gone absolutely dreadfully. 

However, the good thing about resolutions is that you have a whole year to perfect them! So hopefully February will be a better month for me! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from me again, I’d love to know any of your resolutions if you fancy sharing them with me? I also wish you all good luck with accomplishing them! 
Love, Bonnie xx


Make-up Storage

Make-up Storage

Beauty bloggers are always going on about Muji storage and whilst relatively inexpensive, it’s still money going out of the bank and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend money on make up than storage! So until my income improves I’ll let you into a handy trick.
You know those plastic boxes that chinese food gets delivered in? Use those for your make-up! They stack well and are shallow enough to fit them 2-deep in a dressing table drawer.
I separated my make-up into 7 categories when I organised it: Primers and Foundations, Illuminators and Blushers, Bronzers and Face Powders, Eyeshadows, Eyeliners and Mascaras, Lip Products and finally, Palettes, which are stored neatly stacked in a separate compartment of the drawer.
This is such a simple, cheap and economical way of storing make-up and it is also an excellent way of keeping track of every item of make-up you have. You could add or take away categories, split them into more specific ones; this really is something that everyone can do.
Happy Spring/Summer cleaning!

Love Bonnie xx