Winter Series #2 – Body Care

Hello Lovelies!

I’m back today with my body care recommendations to keep the cold from making your skin dull and lack-lustre. The most important to thing to do is exfoliate and moisturise of a regular basis, but I have a couple of hero products to give your skin an immediate lift if you haven’t much time on your hands.


First off – my number one choice in exfoliator. This is the Pecksniff’s Sandalwood and Vanilla Body Scrub and it smells oh-so-good. This is a pretty pricey product; bought from a store this will set you back £25 but I found mine in Homesense for the bargain price of £4.99! The great thing about this scrub, aside from the heavenly scent is that it leaves a film of oil on the skin (which I know some people detest, but hear me out). It sinks in in a matter of minutes and leaves your skin feeling silky soft for days. I would recommend using a body scrub up to 3 times a week in Winter, especially if you have party coming up. 

A great choice if you hate body lotions or anything sticky is a dry oil. My choice is Champney’s Citrus Glow. This smells like oranges and lemons but also has a real warmth to it, making it a perfect Winter scent. This can be used in place of a perfume as the scent really lingers. It’s super moisturising and nourishing but opposed to a thin body lotion it sinks into the skin in seconds and you can get dressed right after applying this!

If you have a little more time on your hands I would recommend a thick, luxurious body butter. The Body Shop brings it when it comes to body butters and they do a wide variety of scents however my favourites are the Vitamin E and Papaya body butters. The Olive Oil one is also lovely. The Vitamin E one is perfect for before bed as you can really slather it on and by morning any dry patches will be moisturised and lovely – this is a great body butter to choose if you want a quick overnight fix for an event the next day. The Papaya body butter has a great summer scent to it – great if you’re making a Winter getaway to warmer climes! The scent isn’t so over-powering that everyone within a 5 mile radius gets knocked out by the smell, but lingers enough to encourage people to say “What IS it that smells so nice round here?!”.

My budget buy for body moisturisers is good ol’ E45 cream. For winter eczema patches, dry skin, blemishes, razor rash… Basically anything involving under-nourished, irritated, angry skin. I use this on my elbows, knees, shins and even on my face to lock in moisture after a face mask! This is a great product if you have really sensitive skin as it has no scent. It’s also great to use over the top of other body butters/lotions/oils to seal them and obtain maximum moisture.

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Love, Bonnie


50 Random Facts About Me

Wow, I am really loving doing tags at the moment! I first saw this tag here, so if you want to go and check out Bea’s blog just clicky the linky. Let’s get crack-a-lacking…

  1. I am 18 years old
  2. In school my candidate number for exams was 6003 and my boyfriend’s was 3006… weird, huh?
  3. I can’t stand the smell of tuna fish
  4. I’m scared of heights and have panic attacks in tall buildings if I haven’t taken travel sickness tablets which strangely help a lot
  5. Having my toes and nails painted the same colour makes me freakishly happy. I cannot explain how happy it makes me.. I think there’s something wrong me
  6. My natural hair colour is dark brown but I had the bottom dip-dyed blonde last year. After my last hair cut I have approximately 2 inches left of blonde hair and I really like it… Strangely more than when I had about 8 inches dyed!
  7. My feet are a UK size 3
  8. I live in a bungalow with two floors (it’s like Inception up in here)
  9. My favourite colour is pink
  10. My favourite beauty product is cleanser
  11. My favourite make-up brand is YSL
  12. My favourite cuisines are Spanish and Greek. Ole! Páme!
  13. I spend my wages as soon as they touch my bank account. I’m never overdrawn.. but I tend to be a little light of pocket by the middle of the month
  14. I have flecks of green and gold in my eyes, and my boyfriend has two flecks of amber on the left side of both his pupils
  15. I compulsively watch beauty videos on youtube
  16. I can’t sleep with both feet under the covers (unless it’s freezing in winter)
  17. I’m afraid of the dark and if I watch a horror movie it will freak me out for weeks on end (something the boy finds absolutely hilarious)
  18. I have a soft-toy panda.. called Panda, that I’ve had since I was 2 or 3 years old. I know I’m too old for plush teddies now but I can’t bear to part with him
  19. When I was little I used to think my toys came alive when I went to sleep
  20. I’ve been scared of china dolls ever since a “friend” told me an old wives tale about them in primary school. They make me shudder every time I see one.
  21. I am never happy about the clothes in the my wardrobe. I always think I have nothing to wear
  22. My cousin and I would make the greatest political team – he’s a great public speaker but can’t write eloquent speeches and I’m petrified of standing up in public but can write well (or so I’m told.. my D in English AS would beg to differ)
  23. I gained 3 B’s in my AS’s last year… and cried all day. How embarrassing.
  24. I’ve never been without animals growing up. First we had cats, then dogs.
  25. Following on from number 24 – I’m definitely a dog person
  26. I’m a hopeless romantic, I tell people I don’t like corny. But oh my goodness I love corny. Rose petals on the bed? I’ll be having some of that thank you. Sappy and soppy texts? Yes perlease.
  27. I used to go to air cadets (yes ok, have a little laugh… you done? Right, moving on)
  28. My prom dress was from Chanel
  29. I only own 6 pairs of high heels (tell me if that’s a lot because I feel like it really isn’t)
  30. My fashion tastes change on a daily, maybe even bi-daily basis. I will put an outfit on in the morning thinking I love it, and by the afternoon want to throw the whole god-darn thing in the bin. One of my weirder traits, I think
  31. I don’t own a single MAC product (but I would definitely like to change that)
  32. Scratching my nose makes me sneeze
  33. I have never vomited from being drunk (facts are getting thin on the ground now, guys)
  34. I have a mole in the shape of an upside-down heart on my right shoulder blade
  35. My right eye is smaller than my left eye and smushes up when I smile.. I hate it so much
  36. If I could have surgery on one thing on my face it would be my nose. I broke it when I was 5 or 6, falling down the stairs, it set back but as I grew developed scar tissue and I have a slight bump in the middle now which I’m very conscious about
  37. I bite my nails when I’m stressed
  38. My mum and I have a thing that when we “borrow” things from each other they very rarely find their way back
  39. We moved down the road when I was 8 and carried most of our things down there by ourselves. I remember helping my uncle carry my swing frame!
  40. I have a love/hate relationship with body butter. I love how soft it makes my skin but I find it a real faff to apply every time I get out of the shower.. So it rarely happens
  41. The only thing I don’t like about my hair is how long it takes to dry. Oh, and also I hate how it is naturally.. I blow dry it straight but it would be in curls if I didn’t. Bleugh

Almost there.. Phew. 

  42. I haven’t fake tanned for 3 years
43. My favourite place to visit is the zoo
44. I always accidentally find Christmas and Birthday presents.. my mum’s hiding places are so bizarre that if I’m hunting for something like tissues/spare buttons I’ll suddenly find pyjamas and perfume. Oopsie
45. My measurements are 38/30/38
46. When I’m eating a meal with lots of different components (e.g. cooked breakfast or a roast) I like to get a bit of everything on my fork. It can get pretty messy at times!
47. I heavily associate music with people and memories, if there’s music playing at certain moments in my life I definitely remember what they are
48. If I buy a pair of shoes and don’t wear them straight away, I never will. Same with lipsticks/clothes etc etc
49. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is my guilty pleasure
50. My dad thought I was going to be called “Katie-Elisabeth” so he thought he’d walked into the wrong delivery room when he was presented with “Bonnie-Georgia”!!

If you’ve made it this far, I salute you, you are a warrior. I hope you enjoyed this extremely random post!
Love, Bonnie xx