I Have A Model

Hello Lovelies, 

I just wanted to share the exciting news that I willing victim… I mean model, to help me out with future videos. She’s very beautiful and I hope you’ll love her.

I’d like to ask you guys what you’d like to see from us? I was thinking of doing a tutorial on how to may your lips look fuller without any weird suction/tingle techniques so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. Plus anything you’ve got your heart set on! Drugstore based tutorials… Orrrr something that I’ve seen requested a lot is a comparison between YSL’s foundations? The Teint Touche Eclat and the Youth Liberator? 

Anyway my dears, drop me a comment and I shall form your wishes into a reality. 

Love, Bonnie xx


Hello Stranger

It seems that every time I come to writing a post nowadays I always have to start it with an apology! My organisation seems to have suffered with shorter daylight hours and feeling the need to go to bed impossibly early. Don’t you think there’s something so depressing about walking out of work at 6’o’clock and it being pitch black?! Sometimes England just… Sucks!
A few things to catch up on:
– I have an exciting collab with Veronica coming up!
– I have a few videos planned and a block of 4 hours dedicated to deducing the editing software on my computer! Hurrah!

Catch-up over and I have a few questions to ask you: with Halloween fast approaching and Trick-Or-Treaters the world over preparing costumes; would you like to see a few “How-To” posts on some easy Halloween make-up? If yes – give me a request of what you’d like to see and I will make it so!

Now a few speculations for the make-up trends to hit this winter:
– With the current “Cara” love-in going on I think it’s safe to say that bold brows are here to stay (poet and I don’t know it?!). If you want to know how to create a set of brows worthy of Miss Delevinge herself check out my “How-To” video here.
– A big hit for Winter is always a bold lip look – this year it’s all about the wine shades. Don’t think this is an excuse for foundation lips – we’re talking Bordeaux not Sauvignon Blanc! For a can’t-go-wrong look dab the lipstick from bullet to finger to pout and build the colour. Correct any mistakes with a q-tip and remember to blot to keep it bang on trend.
– As we head into party season it’s time to crack out those glitter pots that hang around in the back of every gals make-up drawer. Make like Marc Jacobs and apply in a cat-eye shape for the ultimate glam factor (remember to shield your cheeks with some tissue or you’ll end up with you eye look all over your face!).

A miscellaneous post today but I hope you enjoyed reading it regardless. Keep your eyes peeled for that collaboration and if you enjoyed this post please take the time to press the “follow” button – it really does make my day!
Love, Bonnie xx