Winter Series #1

Hello Lovelies!
I thought I’d switch things up a little and do a series of Winter related posts advising you on what I would recommend to look after different areas of your body now that the nights are drawing in and to be quite frank, it’s getting bloody freezing!
Today I’m focusing on nails; an area I think a lot of people neglect and one that is easily damaged. Personally I think I have the worst nails possible – they are brittle, they split and break (if I haven’t bitten them that is!) and could generally just do with a little more TLC.
Winter is the time to up the anti on nails because dry hands and cuticles are SO. NOT. CUTE. My five main guidelines to follow are:

1. Moisturise your hands with a thick hand cream once a day at the very least (before you go to bed is a good time!)
2. Use a cuticle cream or oil. The Bodyshop do a lovely almond one or for those of you who have By Terry Baume de Rose that also makes a fantastic cuticle treatment.
3. Try not to paint your nails too much, and give them a few days rest between each application to make sure they don’t discolour.
4. Use a strengthening nail oil/varnish every few days, and use it with a lengthening one like me if your nails just don’t grow!
5. Don’t be lax about filing your nails – keeping them short and neat will make them easier to manage and they will be less likely to flake and break.

Just to add on that I’d really recommend the Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Varnishes. She does a whole range catering to all your nail niggles. The ones I use are: Green Tea and Bamboo Strengthener and Miracle Growth.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! If you did be sure to like it and give me a follow if you want to stay tuned for the rest of my winter series! Next up is Body Care, then we will delve into Skin Care and finally Hair Care. I hope you’ll join me for the ride!
Love, Bonnie xx



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