Hey Guys,

I’ve been away for so long and I feel like I’m stuck in a little bit of a rut. Right now in my life I seem to be in a sort of limbo and today I had an epiphany that there’s no time to wait around for someone to pull me out, I need to dig, scrape and claw my way out ASAP. I thought about returning to this blog but to tell you the truth I’ve never been happy with it and it seemed a little amateur to me. I’ve started a new blog, right here on wordpress that is not going to be solely dedicated to beauty; but also fashion, cooking (attempts), lifestyle posts and general musings. I feel like this is the right direction for me to go in to start afresh and all of you are welcome to join me if you would like!!

Thanks for all your support with this blog – every like or follow means a lot to me and I would love to have you brought a little closer to my life rather than going 3 months with no posts.

My new blog can be found at: http://www.bonniesthinktank.wordpress.com

For now, that’s all from bonniesbeautyblog xx


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