L’Oreal Glam Shine Stains… My Thoughts

Hello Lovelies!
Just a quick one today – a while ago I received a comment from one of my followers Veronica who also has a blog called “captivatinglifetolive” who asked me to swatch the colours I had for L’Oreal’s dupe of the Glossy Stains. Let me just add in here as a quick side note that I would have loved to have done a full comparison but I can’t justify spending so much money on a souped up lip-stain when an excellent duplicate already exists!


The bottles are so cute! I think they are actually nicer than the YSL ones! And they smell nicer too – win win!


Left hand side is 102 Romy and on the right is 300 Juliet. They have a colour called “Bonnie” too so that’s definitely on my shopping list!
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post (especially you, Veronica!).
Love, Bonnie xx


4 thoughts on “L’Oreal Glam Shine Stains… My Thoughts

  1. Bonnie
    Thanks so much for making this post! I’ve just heard so many mixed reviews on these little guys, and I know your posts are always very honest so I wanted your opinion on them as well! Romy looks like such a gorgeous everyday color!

    • Thanks! I do try my best. Romy is absolutely gorgeous but I forgot to add in that Juliet (and therefore I suppose all the darker colours) don’t stain the lips evenly as they wear off throughout the day. The gloss does last for a good 6 hours though! Bonnie xx

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