REVIEW: Clarins Ever Matte SPF 15 Oil-Free Foundation

Hello Lovelies!

Another review for you today; this time on my trusty foundation that I turn back to again and again. I must say that the foundation section of my make-up drawer is actually not very extensive at all. I currently own this foundation along with the Rimmel Wake Me Up one and various samples from YSL, Lancome and a mini travel sized version of my Ever Matte. 


I wouldn’t say that that bothered me though; this foundation is extremely versatile and I think it has an extremely natural look… Perhaps be warned that it can look just a touch powdery up close but only on dry areas of the skin.

You can sheer out this foundation by using less as it blends superbly. It has quite a thick consistency – as in it holds it’s shape well when you squeeze it out of the tube and doesn’t dash all over your hand like YSL’s newest foundation baby. 
It smells like summer – sunscreen mixed with just a hint of something coconut-ty. The fragrance hasn’t bothered me though and as it is “non-comedogenic” (I just googled this and it basically means it doesn’t cause or aggravate acne. Cheers Google) I don’t think it should worry anyone.

Coverage is “buildable” and I really hate it when people use that word but it is true with this foundation. If you use a large amount or if you apply a couple of thin layers it can turn into quite a high coverage foundation (but as it is a thick consistency it will look like you are wearing a lot of make-up… Which you are). Mixed with a drop of moisturiser this foundation sheers out perfectly and doesn’t streak. As a side note, if you use serum in place of a moisturiser I would advise against mixing serums and foundations because the serum will sink down into the skin and suck all of the moisture out of your foundation in a few seconds and leave you with clumps and line of foundation sitting on top of the face. Tres attractive. Not. 
Best application for this product is with a dense brush (my much-loved Buffing Brush normally accompanies me on Ever Matte days) or simply fingertips! If you want a heavier coverage – use fingers, it gives a lovely natural look as the product is warmed by the heat of your hands and therefore melds with the skin more easily. 

The only niggle I have with this foundation is that it comes in a squeezy tube and I don’t find this to be the most hygienic way to store foundation, especially if you are squeezing it onto your fingers everyday. Also bacteria can grow around the nozzle and it’s just not friendly. I keep the nozzle very clean by.. well being as hygienic as I can be with it. If you’re a massive germ-a-phobe you could wipe the nozzle with Bioderma after every use or something. Or, you could just keep it clean with a tissue, and use clean hands to receive the product.

Clarins Ever Matte retails for £26 at Boots however you can get it here for £20.80. I am the shade 104 Cream if you wanted to know! (If you didn’t, I apologise, pretend you didn’t read that).
Overall I’d give this product an 8 out of 10. The lost 2 points are for the fact that it can look a little powdery on dry patches and it doesn’t come in pump form. This doesn’t stop it from being my favourite foundation though!

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Love, Bonnie xx


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