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Hello Lovelies, 

I got a few bits and pieces from feelunique a little bit earlier this month and wanted to share them with you! I also bought a brush set and the highly coveted Urban Decay Naked Palette so leave me a comment if you want to see a review on either/both of those!



theBalm Mary-Lou-Manizer – it took me aaaages to “get” the play on words within the name of this product but once I did it made me a smile a little. I don’t know whether that was just me being dippy… leave me a comment if you think it was! This illuminating powder is a pearly-cream colour and very very shimmery. I use this on a lightweight fan brush and sometimes I still feel that there is a little too much product on my skin. I think this is going to look great in the winter on a very bronzed up face, with a winged eye and no blush, but at the moment it is just that little bit too heavy. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – It’s so difficult finding the right colour to suit your skintone, and the problem is amplified one hundred fold once you take it online. Luckily for me there was a shade called “Transparent” which, let me tell you ladies, is most certainly not transparent in any way, shape or form. Even luckier for me though, it suits my skin tone and does exactly what it says on the tin and keeps my T-Zone oil-free for far longer than my Natural Collection pressed powder. 

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in 001 Nude – The perfect colour to go in the water line. I wouldn’t say this was a waterproof formula as after 4 hours the colour had kind of slid out of the the waterline and bunched up in the lower lashline… Not so cute. This would be nice if you’re going out for a meal/short date and want to brighten your eyes up. If you want a long wearing nude eyeliner I’d say you’d probably have to go higher end to find what you’re looking for.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in So Pretty – this is exactly what I would describe this colour as! – So Pretty! A bright pop of pink to the cheeks that if you’re a bit rosy anyway (like me) needs to be toned down just a tad with a dot of powder. This colour is just delicious though, and would lovely on a cool toned pale skin in the winter for a real show stopping blushing look.

Daniel Sandler Waterbrush – slightly controversial product. When I first got this out of the packaging it felt really hard and crispy (like your hair goes when you spray hairspray too close to it?) and I was getting a bit panicked to be honest – I mean this brush is close to £15.00 by itself! It better be good! I soon realised that the texture I was feeling was in fact caused by static and I let out a good long sigh *ahhhhh* (if you needed a sound effect). This brush is angled exquisitely so that at every position the blush is applied in a natural shape along the cheek. I also really like the fact that I now no longer get pink stains all over my fingers!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post! Don’t forget to click on the like/follow buttons and comment down below with any feedback!
Love, Bonnie xx


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