How To: Clean Your Make-up Brushes

It’s the task that every beauty girl dreads, and as the end of another make-up filled week looms it’s time to gather up the brushes and suds up. I’ve put together a string of “step-by-step” photographs to demonstrate what I mean at each stage. Whether you’ve been cleaning make-up brushes for years and just want to pick up a few tips or if you’ve recently purchased a set of new brushes and want to keep them in tip-top condition – this is the place to be!


Firstly I gather all my brushes and the mug I use to store them into one place (normally the top of the toilet cistern – oh so glamorous!). I then have a little look at which ones are the dirtiest and should therefore be cleaned first as they might need a double-cleanse and will therefore take longer to dry. My dirtiest brushes are normally my Foundation and Bronzer brushes. 
Note: It’s a good idea not to wear your Sunday best whilst washing make-up brushes as there’s a good chance you’ll get splashes of shampoo and make-up on you. Hence the pyjamas!


Today I started with my bronzer brush. I soak the brush under the hot tap for about 20 seconds to give it a good wetting. I also grab the brush cleaner I’m going to be using so that it’s there when I need it and I don’t have to drip all over the cupboard looking for it with wet hands. 


I normally use this shampoo from Lush called I Love Juicy. It’s a citrusy scented clarifying shampoo which is great for make-up brushes as it gets every last bit of product off of them and leaves them squeaky clean!


Time to suds up! Get a small amount of the shampoo in your hand and swirl your brush around for a good 30 seconds. There’s no need to be too gentle if you have good quality brushes. You can also massage the brush with your fingertips to make sure all the product build-up is removed.


Keep rubbing and swirling until a good amount of lather has been produced and you can’t see anymore noticeable make-up left on the brush.


Rinse the brush under the tap again, this time until the water runs clear. Check that all the shampoo is out by really firmly squeezing from the base of the brush to the top – when no more bubbles come up with your hand, the brush is clean.

ImageLay out a towel or mat on a flat surface and place your brush on top. Always leave your brushes to air dry as drying them with a hair-dryer could potentially melt the glue that holds the bristles in place and break your brush!
Repeat this process until all your brushes are clean:

Ideally wash your brushes in the afternoon and leave them overnight to give them long enough to dry. Thick powder or bronzer brushes will need longer and if you have natural-hair brushes they will need a longer amount of time too. 
The last things I wash are the mug I use to store my brushes and also my eyelash curler. I use the same shampoo to wash both of these. With the mug I use my used flannel of that week so that it’s ready to go in the washing machine. For my eyelash curlers I coat Q-tips (cotton buds) with the shampoo and scrub anywhere that mascara/eyeliner/eyeshadow has built up until it shiny and new. If your eyelash curler has a detachable cushion you can gently wiggle that out and wash it too.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Love, Bonnie xx



One thought on “How To: Clean Your Make-up Brushes

  1. Bonnie
    Great post! That is pretty much how I wash my brushes with some steps a little different. Also something that I do is about once every two months or so I condition my natural bristle brushes so they maintain their softness!

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