My Top 5 Beauty Tips

Hello Ladies!
If it’s Monday where you are I have a few tips to cheer you up and if it’s still Sunday for you… grab a glass of something cold and enjoy!

Top Tip No.1: If you use an eye cream or lip balm that comes out of a tub – use a q-tip (cotton bud) to collect the right amount of product. Not only is it more sanitary (as there are 2 ends on a cotton bud, no double dipping!) it also makes application of specific-treatment products such as eye cream more accurate. Just think of the size of your finger compared to the cotton bud – the cotton bud places the product right where it needs to be and you can then go in with a ring finger to warm the product into the skin.

Top Tip No.2: Wash your make-up brushes with a clarifying shampoo once a week. Even if you spot-clean them when you use them you’re not removing every last bit of gunk so they still need a good wash! I use “I love Juicy” from Lush because the acid from the fruit in the shampoo eat away product build up and leave my brushes soft and squeaky clean.

Top Tip No.3: This seems like an obvious one – spray your perfume on as the very last step of getting ready in the morning, literally just before you walk out the door. Your hairspray, deodorant and setting spray will have settled and particles no longer floating around in the air to mess up the scent of your chosen perfume.

Top Tip No.4: Count to 60 whilst cleansing your face. I found this tip on youtube a really long time ago and the way it was explained was as follows – as a child you a told to wash your hands with soap for 60 seconds to make sure all the germs and bacteria are gotten rid of. It’s exactly the same with your face. Also, counting to 60 will make you realise parts of your face that you neglect such as – temples, chin crease, along the very top of the forehead, bridge of the nose, under the jaw. Think back to this morning; did you honestly clean all of those areas of the face? 

Top Tip No.5: Go out and buy miniature perfume dispensers, mini deodorant, lip balm and hand sanitizer and place them in every hand bag you own. This way you’ll have all the essentials at every possible moment and you will never have to think about it. Makes for effortless organisation and will make it quicker and easier to get out of the door!

So there you have it – my tried and tested top 5 tips for keeping you looking beautiful. Very simple, but very effective. If you try any of them/already do them/have another tip to share please do leave me a comment; I always love hearing back from you!
I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Love, Bonnie xx


6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Beauty Tips

  1. Bonnie,
    These are really great tips, especially the very first one! Another tip about fragrance, one that I’ve always lived by, is when you apply your perfume to your wrists, don’t rub them together, either pat your wrists against each other or reserve one spritz for each wrist, because when you rub your wrists together you are creating friction, which breaks down some of the molecules in the perfume. And so if you just pat them together, your perfume lasts longer and is more potent!

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