Is Bioderma Really That Great?

Every beauty blogger and their mother has heard of Bioderma by now, and if you haven’t I’m guessing you’ve been living under some kind of rock? I jest, I personally didn’t think much of Bioderma and wasn’t in a terrible hurry to try it until my parents visited Cannes and mentioned they might have time to stop by some French pharmacies. Armed with a list as long as her leg my darling mother bought me some Bioderma products to try out.

A common misconception is that “Bioderma” is the product – it’s not. The Crealine or Sensibo Micellar Water is the product that everyone and their dog goes nuts for. Bioderma is a French brand based on the concept of tackling and improving specific problem areas for people with tricky skin types. For example: sensitive and acne prone yet dehydrated. In English drugstores we simply won’t find the products to combat both these problems whilst maintaining a balance. Bioderma is a mid-price-range brand and should not be looked at as unobtainable. A fantastic sight endorsed and recommend by Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead is and you can pick up a large bottle of Bioderma (500ml) for around £14.50. I’m halfway through mine and have had it around about 2 months now.

Let me just tell you a little more about my skin type before I go into how Bioderma’s Crealine Micellar Solution worked for me.
I have combination skin… Very typical of a late teen. That’s where it stops being typical though, I don’t just have a duo skin-type combination; I get oily areas around my nose, chin crease and forehead, normal patches across my cheeks and outer areas of my forehead and dry patches on the outside areas of my jaw. Congratulate me for not cutting my face off as a teenager! 
I have to say that using Bioderma has not improved the texture or quality of my skin. What it has done is to keep it at a neutral pH and balance it well enough that my other skincare products are now working more effectively. How do I know that it’s not the Bioderma doing this? To be honest, hand on heart, I can’t know for sure. But I don’t want to run the risk of having a major breakout by using just Bioderma for 2 weeks to find out. However there were a few nights this month when I just wasn’t up for giving my face a scrub with a cloth and water and stuck to Bioderma to just quickly take my make-up off at the end of the day. It didn’t break me out, but it didn’t prevent or treat any existing break outs. 
The solution doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or irritated, it most certainly does not irritate the eyes and trust me I have the most sensitive eyes imaginable! 


My conclusion on this product is that YES I will be buying it again and NO I would not choose any other make-up remover over this product. To be paying £14.50 every 4 months for a decent product is really not that much and trust me, if you’ve settled for your usual make up remover because you’ve given up trying to find something better – look no further than Bioderma Crealine/Sensibo H2O Micellar Solution.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!
Love, Bonnie xx


7 thoughts on “Is Bioderma Really That Great?

  1. I had honestly never heard of this but I may just have to try it out this myself because I have been hearing people bang on about this!

  2. I recently spotted this in a local chemist and snatched it up without a second’s thought – it makes makeup removal so easy! And I love that it’s not heavy or greasy, yet still such an efficient product. Love it!

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