Why Face Wipes Are Bad For You

Ok, let me just start this post by saying that I’m not writing this to come across all high and mighty and that everything you’re doing to your face is wrong, wrong, wrong. A couple of years ago I was still well seated on the make-up wipe band wagon and I thought I was enjoying a comfortable ride. Little did I know what the wipes were doing to my poor skin!
I suffered really badly with spots when I was a little younger, and I can honestly pin point the moment my skin started to heal – surprise, surprise it was when I stopped using make-up wipes. 

Now, all this information is well and good and you might be sat there thinking “That’s all very well but my wipes work perfectly for me”. Sweetheart, they don’t.
Make-up wipes, however “natural” they claim to be, are nothing of the sort. To sit on supermarket or drugstore shelves/stockrooms for a year or more, they have to be packed full of preservatives and chemicals, which then obviously get transferred to your face. 
Once they eventually enter a home and are opened.. well that’s the seal broken! They are now a moist habitat in a warm room and become a breading ground for bacteria. Not so bad for the first wipe but if there are 30 wipes on average in a packet, once you get to the end of the month to use the final wipe who knows what’s living on it?

Still not convinced? Well, now I’m going to throw some premature ageing thesis at you, and if that doesn’t work, oh boy, I don’t know what will.
Many wipes claim to “exfoliate” the face. How do they do this? Glycolic acid? Woah no, way too expensive and sophisticated. The make-up wipe companies just make the wipes in a more abrasive material to literally shred your skin as you rub the wipe over your face. You may be thinking that this is the same as using a manual exfoliator. No siree. With a manual exfoliator water is required to remove it whereas with a face-wipe the dead skin has no where to go, leaving it sat on the surface of the face. If you do not follow your face wipe with a cleanser and go straight to moisturiser, your face is then a breading ground for bacteria as the oils in the moisturiser and the dead skin will bread from each other and provide horrible long term reactions such as: blocked pores, premature ageing in the form of – dilapidated skin renewal strength, fine lines and broken capillaries. 
Are you sitting up and listening now? Goodo. 

Ladies, I am offering you an amnesty – give up your face-wipes now and I promise not to give you time-out on the naughty chair. 
Swap your chemical ridden wipes for Bioderma and cotton pads, and always (always always always) follow up with either a creamy cleanser or a cleansing balm.
Some of my favourites are:
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
Emma Hardie Amazing Face
Good Things Cleanser

There is no use spending money on a superior moisturiser if you are adding it on top of a poorly prepared face. If you are looking for a mid-range moisturiser, check out the Bioderma link above, the brand do some amazing moisturisers for all skin types. 

So, ladies, ditch the wipes and cleanse twice a day, I absolutely promise you *places hand on heart* if you try your new cleansing routine for 6 weeks you will definitely see a difference in the way your skin behaves and how much healthier, hydrated and manageable it is.
I hope you enjoyed reading this rather long post! 
Love, Bonnie xx


6 thoughts on “Why Face Wipes Are Bad For You

  1. I don’t use make up wipes, but I use baby wipes instead because I figure that if it’s good enough for a baby’s bum, it’s good enough for my face. I cleanse regularly so the baby wipes have been good to me so far.

    I’ve been seeing more and more of these kind of posts though so I might have to trial some make up remover and pads.

  2. good think i stopped using wipes last year 🙂

    just an added info, not only if wipes (baby wipes or feminine wipes) harmful to your skin it also causes infections in your lady parts as told by my OB 🙂

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