Selfies R Us (?)

Selfies R Us (?)

Ahhh the much loved (or hated?) selfie. Ruining girl’s self esteems on Saturday nights from here to Timbuktu.
Everyone has their own opinion of selfies and if I’m honest I’ve always been a little afraid that the taking of one meant I was up my own…. Well, you know.
I think that the selfie should be celebrated in all it’s iPhone and Instagram glory (#nofilter.. yeah right). 3 steps to the perfect selfie? You betcha!
1. Don’t angle the camera up or down, try to keep it straight and pointing right to the centre of your face
2. Use your hair and hands to detract/add to your features
3. Choose your pose according to context – a family party selfie with your baby cousin does not (I repeat – DOES NOT) call for the duck pout. Have we all taken heed? Excellent.

I went for head-turned-to-one-side and looking down 1) Because my eyes are bloodshot due to lack of sleep and 2) I like the way my hair falls (so sue me, I like something about myself)
Opening your mouth slightly and tilting your head just a fraction backwards will give you a Georgia-May Jagger-esque look, if that’s your kind of thing.

Happy selfie, gorgeous ladies! And remember – when in doubt, chuck the photo in black and white!
I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Love, Bonnie xx


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