(the long awaited) Holiday Haul!

First off I just want to apologise for falling off the face of the earth for more than a week. A lot of “stuff” has been going on and without going into too much detail it’s been a bit difficult and I am now single. Yipee.
Anyway, I was going to wait until I had my new camera to post anything at all but I went to look at some today and I think I may have a little bit of saving up to do before that happens, so please forgive me that the horrendous back-to-front photos will continue to appear on your Reader page. And to my new followers – I’m sorry you haven’t seen much of me! I promise to post more from now on!
So, on with the haul!


I was such a lucky girl! Let’s start with the Bioderma products:
Of course, there is the holy grail of make-up removers – Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution Micellar. If you think you can’t get hold of this, try here or failing that L’Oreal have just brought out a Micellar Cleansing water so check that out.
Next are 2 products from their Hyrdabio range for dehydrated skin. Let me just say that I have combination oily skin, so don’t get me wrong, this is not a product specifically for dry skin; it’s for skin that needs more retained hydration on a cellular level and doesn’t just need softening. With that in mind I got the Hydrabio Legere Moisturising Cream and Moisturising Mask. The Legere comes in “Dehydrated” and “Very Dehydrated” so it’s a good combination to own if you fly a lot/live in a hot climate. These products have plumped up my skin to no end. I would just warn you that they may make your skin purge a little, I’ve had very small breakouts a couple of times since I started using this, but it’s nothing to worry about – it’s settled down now and looking very plump and juicy.
Last Bioderma product is the Sebium Pore Refiner. Used under moisturiser it encourages pores to tighten – constricting oils and creating a matte base. That’s the general gist anyway. Since using this I haven’t noticed a great deal of difference on the oil/pore front, however it does double as a great primer for oilier skin.

A few pieces of make-up now – both YSL. Touche Eclat and Babydoll Mascara in Black. The Touche Eclat is just lovely, really lovely. Probably not worth the money if you have to buy it in England but if you are in Gibralter in the near future, definitely pick some up. The Babydoll Mascara… I think this will become my biggest love/hate relationship with a mascara. I just feel like it makes your lashes a little too long and thick; like they’re not your lashes anymore. It is a false lash effect mascara but I find it to be a bit too false. The formula (as with all YSL mascaras) is very clumpy and dries out so quickly, so I wouldn’t rush out and spend your hard earned cash on this one too fast.

That concludes the holiday haul! Big shout out to my lovely mother who brought these goodies back for me.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Love, Bonnie xx


6 thoughts on “(the long awaited) Holiday Haul!

    • One YSL product I would whole heartedly recommend is the Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation – it’s so beautiful. The mascaras are good if you have a big budget, otherwise a good drugstore dupe for the same outcome is the Maybelline The Falsies 🙂 xx

  1. Great haul! I’ve been dying to the the Bioderma Micellar but you can only get in online here but I’ve heard whispers that a store will be stocking it very soon so I cant wait! Both YSL products have gotten rave reviews!

    • Yes I think Boots are supposed to start stocking it soon – larger stores anyway.
      I know Touche Eclat has been raved about for years but the Babydoll mascara has definitely had it’s share of bad reviews – as with all YSL mascaras. It’s a matter of personal opinion though 🙂

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