High End Haul

So I asked the question on twitter a few days ago if anyone wanted to see this post and the answer was a resounding “Yes!” even from Daniel Sandler himself which kinda made my day a little bit. I’m not one to disappoint, so here it is. My haul of summer luxury products to make me and my skin happy (I don’t think my bank balance is joining in the party though).

On with the haul!

First off I feel like I must apologise on behalf of my camera. I’m using my laptop at the moment as there was a rather unfortunate beach-sand incident on the only camera I would be able to use for blog post photos. I’m working on it though, promise!

Kevyn Aucoin: This man has really won my heart since I first found out about him a couple of months ago. He’s fairly big in America but not quite so popular over here. I picked my goodies up from space.nk but be careful ladies because not all of them stock his full range – the Sensual Skin Enhancer is next on my list but unfortunately my local don’t carry this product (booooo). The products I picked up were The Sculpting Powder in Medium (the exact same thing that Kim Kardashian uses) and The Precision Brow Pencil in Brunette. The packaging of both these products is to die for. Deep burgundy laquered-looking with gold and brown detailing. The compact is something you’d want to get out of the train to inspire coveting looks from fellow passengers. The brow pencil is innovative and works like a charm. You can darken, sculpt and shape brows and whilst they may look a little unnatural at first application, sweep through a spoolie and  you’ll find yourself with eyebrows to rival Cara’s.
The Sculpting Powder is the perfect shade for contouring. Ashy brown it is the same colour as the natural shadows that fall on your face so you won’t look like you’ve striped mud on your face. 

Real Techniques: I bought this brush quad mainly for the contouring brush to use with my new contour, however I discovered a new love once I opened it – the Buffing Brush. Somebody commented on a post of mine a while back after I raved about the Expert Face Brush saying that they thought I would prefer the Buffing Brush. I have to admit I was a little scandalised to imagine I could ever stray from my dumpy little brush however the Buffing Brush is just incred. It blends so perfectly and works well for both light and heavy consistencies of foundation. I’ve found it works well blending concealer too, if used in a stippling motion. My favourite thing to use with this is YSL’s Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation. The Buffing Brush just melts it into the skin light a dream and because of the wider brush head, you get an even coverage with less product, meaning bye-bye cake face and hello flawless, natural looking skin. 
I have to say I was a little disappointed with the Pointed Foundation Brush included in the set until I tried it with the Watercolour brush I’ll mention in a minute. I do have to say though that being such a huge fan of the Real Techniques collection and owning nearly all the brushes I was a little disappointed that this brush isn’t really cut out for the job it was designed to do. Sadface. The Detailer Brush however, is a fantastic lip brush and could also be used to spot-conceal or highlight the inner corners of the eye. 3/4 for that quad of brushes then. 

Daniel Sandler: Oh, could anyone be more obsessed with his products than I am?! Well probably seeing as I only recently got round to trying his stuff but HOLD THE PHONE, where have I been?! These products have honestly changed my make-up routine which really doesn’t happen very often. They make me even more excited to put my face on in the morning and the innotivaty (is that even a word, I don’t think so, but it should be) displayed by the well-conceived, well-thought out formulation of the products just blows my mind. Pictured here are the Watercolour Blush in Passion and the Retexturising Face Primer (spf 20). 
I have to admit I was a little dubious about the Blush at first; it seemed too shimmery and too pigmented for it to really work. However as the product is water-based (as the name would suggest) it melts into the skin providing a really beautiful natural-looking flush to the skin. I use just one drop for both cheeks on a natural day, or blend another drop between both for a more intense pop of colour. Daniel Sandler actually make a special watercolour blush brush (try saying that really fast), but I find that a foundation brush or even fingers works well. 
The primer is in a league of it’s own though. It’s a silky texture and just melts away into the skin. You don’t have to use very much so I don’t know whether the spf would actually be 20 but at leasts it’s a bit of sun protection! I made the mistake of using a massive squeeze the first time I tried this and found that you really only need a small pea (la petit pois) size amount to cover your entire face. As with all primers – fingers to blend are best and smooth, don’t rub.

Blimey this is getting to be a very long blog post! If you’ve read through this far, keep going soldier! Only 3 products left!

Michael Todd: Another great line of products; all as close to 100% organic as they can be. I have the Blue Green Algae Toner which has been raved about a lot by the likes of Fleur DeForce and GlamLifeGuru on youtube. If you haven’t watched those girls videos… where have you been?! Go and watch, now! Done? Good.
The toner is beautiful, I incorporated it into my routine about 10 days ago and my skin did not purge at all, just took to it like a duck to water. It has a beautiful, calming scent and feels lovely and cool on the skin.
The Pumpkin mask… well. I don’t really know what to say. The scent, texture and look of this mask are, to put it politely, unappealing. However I would be willing to overlook that even if looked like poo (charming) because the results are so good. I wouldn’t say this gives absolutely instant results but the day after you’ve used your skin feels plumped up, smoothed out and thoroughly quenched. It has glycolic acid in it to eat away impurities and dead skin cells, and works similarly to the REN Glycoactic Mask.. for nearly half the price. 

Liz Earle: yada yada Cleanse and Polish, enough said right? I can’t get over how much I love this. I love it, I love it, I love it. For £13.25 it really is a steal. Aaaaahhh Liz Earle, where would I be without you? 

Thus concludes my haul… for now. I have my eyes on a few more goodies (some drugstore!) so keep your eyes peeled for more haul posts coming up. I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Love, Bonnie xx


2 thoughts on “High End Haul

  1. Bonnie,
    When I saw the tel-tale red to burgundy packaging of Kevyn Aucoin, I could hardly click on your post fast enough! I’ve been curious about his brand for a couple months like yourself and I’m trying out the Sensual Skin Enhancer right now and oh my, it’s lovely! Just make sure before you buy (especially since you live in the UK and you can’t return it for a different shade) to get color matched. And if you can have it applied to your whole face because when I got color matched at first the color I was just about 90% sure I was going to get was applied all over, and I was just like it looks off, so he tried a shade that I would have never in a million years tired, but is the perfect match for summer toned skin. I was also wondering if you could post a review on your thoughts about the sculpting powder, something else I’ve been wanting to try! Thanks for the lovely post, and enjoy your new goodies!

    • Thanks for the tip! I’m really grateful for that because sometimes they only do a swipe on your jawline.
      Yes of course I can! It definitely deserves a blog post to itself 😉 Bonnie xx

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