50 Random Facts About Me

Wow, I am really loving doing tags at the moment! I first saw this tag here, so if you want to go and check out Bea’s blog just clicky the linky. Let’s get crack-a-lacking…

  1. I am 18 years old
  2. In school my candidate number for exams was 6003 and my boyfriend’s was 3006… weird, huh?
  3. I can’t stand the smell of tuna fish
  4. I’m scared of heights and have panic attacks in tall buildings if I haven’t taken travel sickness tablets which strangely help a lot
  5. Having my toes and nails painted the same colour makes me freakishly happy. I cannot explain how happy it makes me.. I think there’s something wrong me
  6. My natural hair colour is dark brown but I had the bottom dip-dyed blonde last year. After my last hair cut I have approximately 2 inches left of blonde hair and I really like it… Strangely more than when I had about 8 inches dyed!
  7. My feet are a UK size 3
  8. I live in a bungalow with two floors (it’s like Inception up in here)
  9. My favourite colour is pink
  10. My favourite beauty product is cleanser
  11. My favourite make-up brand is YSL
  12. My favourite cuisines are Spanish and Greek. Ole! Páme!
  13. I spend my wages as soon as they touch my bank account. I’m never overdrawn.. but I tend to be a little light of pocket by the middle of the month
  14. I have flecks of green and gold in my eyes, and my boyfriend has two flecks of amber on the left side of both his pupils
  15. I compulsively watch beauty videos on youtube
  16. I can’t sleep with both feet under the covers (unless it’s freezing in winter)
  17. I’m afraid of the dark and if I watch a horror movie it will freak me out for weeks on end (something the boy finds absolutely hilarious)
  18. I have a soft-toy panda.. called Panda, that I’ve had since I was 2 or 3 years old. I know I’m too old for plush teddies now but I can’t bear to part with him
  19. When I was little I used to think my toys came alive when I went to sleep
  20. I’ve been scared of china dolls ever since a “friend” told me an old wives tale about them in primary school. They make me shudder every time I see one.
  21. I am never happy about the clothes in the my wardrobe. I always think I have nothing to wear
  22. My cousin and I would make the greatest political team – he’s a great public speaker but can’t write eloquent speeches and I’m petrified of standing up in public but can write well (or so I’m told.. my D in English AS would beg to differ)
  23. I gained 3 B’s in my AS’s last year… and cried all day. How embarrassing.
  24. I’ve never been without animals growing up. First we had cats, then dogs.
  25. Following on from number 24 – I’m definitely a dog person
  26. I’m a hopeless romantic, I tell people I don’t like corny. But oh my goodness I love corny. Rose petals on the bed? I’ll be having some of that thank you. Sappy and soppy texts? Yes perlease.
  27. I used to go to air cadets (yes ok, have a little laugh… you done? Right, moving on)
  28. My prom dress was from Chanel
  29. I only own 6 pairs of high heels (tell me if that’s a lot because I feel like it really isn’t)
  30. My fashion tastes change on a daily, maybe even bi-daily basis. I will put an outfit on in the morning thinking I love it, and by the afternoon want to throw the whole god-darn thing in the bin. One of my weirder traits, I think
  31. I don’t own a single MAC product (but I would definitely like to change that)
  32. Scratching my nose makes me sneeze
  33. I have never vomited from being drunk (facts are getting thin on the ground now, guys)
  34. I have a mole in the shape of an upside-down heart on my right shoulder blade
  35. My right eye is smaller than my left eye and smushes up when I smile.. I hate it so much
  36. If I could have surgery on one thing on my face it would be my nose. I broke it when I was 5 or 6, falling down the stairs, it set back but as I grew developed scar tissue and I have a slight bump in the middle now which I’m very conscious about
  37. I bite my nails when I’m stressed
  38. My mum and I have a thing that when we “borrow” things from each other they very rarely find their way back
  39. We moved down the road when I was 8 and carried most of our things down there by ourselves. I remember helping my uncle carry my swing frame!
  40. I have a love/hate relationship with body butter. I love how soft it makes my skin but I find it a real faff to apply every time I get out of the shower.. So it rarely happens
  41. The only thing I don’t like about my hair is how long it takes to dry. Oh, and also I hate how it is naturally.. I blow dry it straight but it would be in curls if I didn’t. Bleugh

Almost there.. Phew. 

  42. I haven’t fake tanned for 3 years
43. My favourite place to visit is the zoo
44. I always accidentally find Christmas and Birthday presents.. my mum’s hiding places are so bizarre that if I’m hunting for something like tissues/spare buttons I’ll suddenly find pyjamas and perfume. Oopsie
45. My measurements are 38/30/38
46. When I’m eating a meal with lots of different components (e.g. cooked breakfast or a roast) I like to get a bit of everything on my fork. It can get pretty messy at times!
47. I heavily associate music with people and memories, if there’s music playing at certain moments in my life I definitely remember what they are
48. If I buy a pair of shoes and don’t wear them straight away, I never will. Same with lipsticks/clothes etc etc
49. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is my guilty pleasure
50. My dad thought I was going to be called “Katie-Elisabeth” so he thought he’d walked into the wrong delivery room when he was presented with “Bonnie-Georgia”!!

If you’ve made it this far, I salute you, you are a warrior. I hope you enjoyed this extremely random post!
Love, Bonnie xx


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