My Top 5 Lipbalms

Just a quick one ladies – I wanted to show you a small collection of my lipbalms and quickly run through why each one is good and what I would recommend it for.


  1. Carmex Classic Lipbalm – Main ingredient is petroleum so it’s not the best thing for your lips if you really want to get them into better condition, however this is ideal for wearing under matte lipsticks as it will act as a barrier between the drying effects of the lipstick and your lips.
  2. Body Shop Sweet Lemon Lipbutter – Great to carry in your handbag, softens slightly in warm temperatures so applies as a lovely mixture between a balm and an oil. Super moisturising, great for applying on bare lips and layering with a lipgloss as it will add to the super shiny effect. Also tastes and smells like lemon cheesecake – always a winner in my book
  3. Crabtree & Evelyn Cocoa Butter and Cardamon Protective Lipbalm SPF 8 – Great for days at the beach because of the SPF. Also super moisturising and can transfer to a evening look as it provides colour and gloss. The ideal dual product for a holiday if you’re packing light
  4. Cath Kidston Rose Lipbalm – Super waxy texture makes applying lipstick smooth and fuss free. I tend to use this more as a lip primer over another lightweight lipbalm if I’m using an extremely pigmented lipstick like an orange/red/pink as it prevents the lips becoming stained and makes removing it all a lot easier
  5. Crabtree & Evelyn Creme de Menthe Lip Butter – Super nourishing and moisturising, this is perfect for applying before bed. The texture is gorgeous and creamy and if you apply a thick layer, you’ll still be able to feel it on your lips in the morning which I always find when lipbalms are doing their job

So there you have it – 5 lipbalms for 5 different jobs. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post!
Love, Bonnie xx


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