Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint by Barry M

Barry M have really come a long way with their nail paints; not only are the colours in the whole range exceptional, they are also incredibly fashionable and wearable shades. This season’s brights are thoroughly represented in the new ranges and their innovative new formulations put them in the running with higher end polishes such as the Shellac Manicures and OPI.


Now I’ve always been a big supporter of Barry M because the majority of my money goes on make-up, and I like that to be of good quality so it can often end up being quite expensive. Therefore I never really have the money to treat myself to expensive nail polishes, and this is where Barry M excels. The range of colours is immense – if you need a colour to match a frock, this is the place to go. And at just £3.99 with a lot of offers going on all the time, they hardly break the bank.
The big con with Barry M however is that the nail polishes have been known to chip very quickly. The normal nail paints are fantastic for night’s out but if you have to go into the office the next day… Your nail are most certainly going to be chipped.
So far with the Gelly formulation though, things have been great. I’d been warned by other beauty-heads that the bright colours tend to stain your nails so a base coat is of paramount importance here. I layer up 2 coats of the polish and chuck a top coat on top as well… just for good measure. I only use cheapy top and base coat at the moment simply because my nails are a little short; when they get longer I will treat myself to a few new nail polishes (blog post alert!). 

I have the colours 317 Mango and 319 Prickly Pear. The orange is extremely vibrant and lovely – it looks fantastic paired with light/acid wash denim and a bright pink lip. The purple is a very fashionably shade and one that has been blogged about countless times. I’d also say that this is a very versatile colour as it has neutral undertones; it would suit very pale skin down to very dark skin. A very pretty, feminine shade – perfect with summer dresses in clashing colours, or to pick out a purple shade in a floral frock. Great for weddings too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post!
Love, Bonnie xx


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