Good Things Skincare Range

It’s very rare that I ever find a skincare range that I love enough to spend money trying other products from it. I find it very difficult to buy products unless I’ve had samples of them, read/watched reviews, researched the company and the ingredients… all crazy things that make a beauty blogger who she is!
The only company I have ever trusted to be good without a recommendation or researching session is Good Things. They are a company who make affordable skincare for teenage skin. I’d say it’s a more sophisticated brand for teenagers and older girls (and boys!) who know a bit about what they should be doing with their skin and want to look after it. The pricing is very reasonable and they always have 3 for 2 offers going on in Boots – I got a third off of my purchases.
I bought the Five Minute Facial Face Mask and the Bright Eyes Eye Cream on a whim and was seriously impressed with what they did to my skin. The idea is that every product has two “superfruit extracts” that have different properties and tackle different problems that your skin might have. For examples the face mask contains Avocado and Goji Berry to moisturise and soothe, but also has Green Clay and Kaolin to draw out impurities and Willow Bark extract for radiance. Now, whether these “superfruit extracts” actually have a major role in how the products work, they certainly make them smell nice and feel very luxurious on the skin. The whole range is free from Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Animal Ingredients and Mineral Oils – ideal for teenage skin because the main worrisome ingredients are outta there. Don’t take this to mean that they are in any way organic or 100% natural, there’s still preservatives, alcohol and perfumes in there so if your skin is super sensitive or that’s against you skincare ethos, Good Things is not for you my dear. 
However, I’ve had nothing but good results from this range, I recently added the Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser (which is pretty good replacement for my Liz Earle Cleanser and a third of the price!) and the Deep Pore Anti Blemish Cleanser which I’ve been using to remove make-up and as the first cleanse in my skincare routine. The only thing I would say is that the Anti Blemish Cleanser smells extremely strongly of strawberries and also doesn’t remove every trace of make-up so you will need to go in with a second lot if that is the cleanser of your choice. I wouldn’t recommend it as your only cleanser either – use this to remove the first bit of make-up and then go in with a second cleanse of something that needs massaging in and flanneling off, otherwise Caroline Hirons (skincare matriarch) will be out get you!

Another plus for this skincare range is that it is exceptional value for money! The two cleansers were roughly £3.50 each (including 30% off) and the Fresh Start one is 150ml and the Anti Blemish one is 200ml. Bargain!


All in all I’d say this is the perfect skincare range if you coming out the other end from the more aggressive stages of teenage skin. I’d also say this is a good range for up to mid-twenties if you’re on a budget and I would recommend the eye-cream to anyone for the morning! Even if you’re more mature you could use this one in the morning and have a more expensive/high end night repair one for evening. Good for the purse!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and I must apologise for the absolute awful quality of my camera, I hope you get the jist of how pretty the packaging is, even if the photos are back to front. I will be investing in a new camera soon I can assure you!

Love, Bonnie xx



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