Affordable Cosmetics

This post is about a company I like to call MUA… Because that is it’s name. 
I was first introduced (or rather bullied into) to trying MUA because of a sneaky offer in Super Drug  of 3 for 2 on ALL make-up. Yup, you heard me right, ALL make-up. It was a nightmare, let me tell you.

I had 5 things and wasn’t really loving anything else I saw plus I didn’t have a specific smoky eye kit which was something I was keen to try. Enter the MUA swizzle stand and a £2.50 smoky eye kit! The kit is called Smoke Screen and comprises 3 baked pearl/shimmer eyeshadows. I haven’t actually tried this specific one out yet, but I have tried the pink one called Pink Sorbet which I picked up on another trip to said pharmacy.
The pink shades look delicious enough in their pans and I was all ready to be impressed with the quality, however I think I was forgetting that 99% of the time, you get what you pay for with make-up. The medium pink colour I used as a wash was gone 2 seconds later and left a film of oily glitter on my eye (oh yummy!). I think this could be put to rights with an eyelid primer and cream eyeshadow base but really whats the point in doing all that just for a £2.50 eyeshadow. So, so far it’s not looking too great for MUA.
Next, I was browsing the blogesphere one day (as you do) and discovered a “dupes” photo that said that the MUA Undress Me Too Palette was a near on exact dupe for the much coveted Urban Decay Naked Palette. Cue me running (HA! who am I kidding, I don’t run) to the nearest Super Drug and picking up one of these bad boys. It actually took me 3 attempts to find this palette because twice they were sold out of it. I don’t know whether this is because it’s super popular and sells out like crazy or if they just don’t stock up more than once a week. Anyway, I got this home all ready to be amazed and again forget the £4 price tag. For 12 eyeshadows the price is uh-mazing however I think the only ones in the palette that actually transfer to the skin are the velvet finish ones, of which there are 4. The pigments of the eyeshadows in the pan are actually really good and I was impressed at the initial quality however they just don’t have good enough colour pay off for me to recommend them. I’d say if you popped on something like Primer Potion beforehand these eyeshadows might hang around for a while, but they’re just not designed for quality’s sake.
Still not looking good for MUA, huh?
Well, now prepare to surprised because the next product is one I absolutely ADORE. It’s their Mosaic Blush in Shade 3 – English Rose. I am seriously impressed with this blush. It was either £3 or maybe slightly more but totally worth it. It is made up of all different colours – peaches, terracottas, fuchsias, pearls and purples so it can suit many many different skin tones. Swirl them all together and you get a lovely flush of natural looking colour that brightens your face and natural skin tone. Serious love for this product, and I would say that I’d gladly pay the combined price for all the products I bought for this.. around £10. If you don’t have one in your collection already – why not? and Go and get one now!
Be savvy with what you’re buying – go for the powder face products and give the eyeshadows a miss if you don’t want to spend ages packing them on. I would give a hearty recommendation to the blushes and bronzers though.

MUA is available at Super Drug – normally on a swizzle stand.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post,
Love, Bonnie xx


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