Products I Regret Buying

I’ve been delaying writing this blog post for a little while now. I’ve had the dreaded bag full of unsatisfactory products sat under my desk for about a week and every time I’ve written a new post I feel like I have to apologise to them.
I don’t actually like to complain about products but then again I wouldn’t want anyone to waste their money the way I have when products don’t turn out to be quite what you expected.
Just a quick disclaimer: these are just my opinions on the products and if you own them and they work well for you I’m very glad. These products just haven’t worked out for me, and I feel that if you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on beauty items, you want to do your research and unfortunately that means accepting the cons with the pros.
Ok, rant over, on with the products:


Let’s start at the top and go clockwise round:

  1. Tresemme Salon Finish, Extra Hold Hairspray. This is the most terrible hairspray in the whole history of hairsprays and I was lumped with of them because I bought them on a bogof offer. The hairspray formulation is sticky and turns your hair crunchy in a matter of seconds. The actual spray distribution is also extremely disappointing because it’s just not compressed enough to come out as a fine mist. This is more like a squirt gun and more likely than not one part of your hair will be absolutely soaked and the rest not touched at all. I will never, ever buy this again, EVER
  2. Simple Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser. This product just wasn’t satisfactory for me. It didn’t really foam up well, it left my skin feeling tight and irritated and didn’t remove make-up well AT ALL. It dried my skin out a lot too. Great for someone with super oily skin that isn’t prone to breakouts (if there exists such a person), I just think the formulation was a combination of actions that just jar in their working together. Just an ill thought out product I think
  3. Eco Tools Domed Bronzer Brush. Just too big for what I wanted it to do and it seemed to eat products up too. I used this with a NARS bronzer and it just didn’t transfer to my skin. Great for blending out contouring or applying a milled loose powder but doesn’t do the job it is assigned to
  4. NARS The Happening Palette. This is the most expensive item of make-up I think I’ve ever bought, and for the price this is a disgusting rip-off. The size is minuscule and the products were so second rate. For the price I was paying I expected near on full size products and I think the sizes in this are about a quarter of a normal size. This product would have to be half the price for me not to regret buying it. Total rip off
  5. Dove Visible Effects Nourishing Body Lotion – sticky, gloopy, thick, smells like my grandma. “Multi-Layer Complex” is a load of bull, we’re talking about millimetres here, there is no such thing as a deeply penetrating body moisturiser. It’s marketing jargon. This would be good for someone with uber dry skin on their legs so that it was as far from their nose as possible
  6. Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 01. Drying, clumpy, low quality. This was the first collection Kate brought out for Rimmel and their formulas have changed otherwise people wouldn’t be raving about them now. I just built myself up for this product and it really disappointed me
  7. Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk. OK seriously this stuff is like acid if it gets near your eyes. Greasy and sticky it leaves a film of product on your face so you might as well have just washed it in the first place because you’re definitely going to need to give it a wash after applying this. I also don’t see the point in a cleanser that can’t go near your eyes, it seems like a waste of money to me
  8. Benetinit Lip Balm from Benefit – Again this product is really drying and not at all moisturising. It’s also quite greasy at the same time so I couldn’t even transfer it to a cream blush job. A bit disappointing seeing as I paid well over £10 for it
  9. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer – I must be getting lighter skin toned as I get older because the shade 02 was a perfect match for me last year but this year it seems to be far more orange toned and less coverage. I don’t know whether the formulation has changed or my skin has changed but something has changed so that my favourite concealer has become my most pesky make-up product! Not happy when this is supposed to be a high-end concealer but delivers less than high end results.
  10. TopShop Glow Highlighter. For me this product just has waaaay too much shimmer in it to be classed as a proper highlighter. It’s also quite chunky and grainy which highlights any minor imperfections to the extent where it sits in pores on your cheekbones and makes it look like they are HUGE! Great for use on the body for nights out but I wouldn’t recommend putting this on your face
  11. Lastly the Benefit Shimmer Powders which have luckily been discontinued, however I wanted to include them in case the pesky things were still available on eBay or Amazon. There is nothing actually wrong with these products however they are roughly 3/4 times the price of Barry M Dazzle Dusts and of no more superior quality. Just not worth spending out for

I hope this post will help you in your purchases and that my ranting didn’t put you off too much!
Love, Bonnie xx


7 thoughts on “Products I Regret Buying

  1. I’m struggling to write a similar post – I love to read them and I am thankful when I can learn something that might prevent me from wasting money, but when I was working on a rough draft I felt like I had to apologize.

    Great post. I had the same experience with Tresemme Salon Finish, Extra Hold Hairspray.

  2. Wow! I have two products from the Simple skin care range. They’ve worked great for me. A moisturiser and the exfoliating wipes. Was thinking of getting the cleanser…but maybe not. 🙂 Not with my dry skin. Thanks for the post.

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