Lush Cosmetics Shampoos

Lush Cosmetics Shampoos

There has been a lot of controversy over Lush Cosmetics ethos and products. Many people think they are a brand which only uses 100% natural ingredients (did anyone else say that with the Dolmio man’s accent? No? Just me?) but the truth is they are not. You only have to turn the bottles over and look at the ingredients list to see that they use sulphates in the majority of their products. Somehow though, they manage to still put “Vegan” labelling on the majority of products. Not sure quite how that works.
For me, the fact that they don’t use all natural ingredients isn’t actually a big deal. It’s very hard for a company that started off as just a small cosmetics shop in Devon to not change and evolve as it gets bigger. It just isn’t a cost-viable venture anymore if they start getting pinickity about what they put in their products.
Of course, they still DO put natural products in, don’t get me wrong. Things like fresh fruit juices, flowers with botanical properties, seaweed, sea water, all manner of good things.

So, onto the shampoos: I have 2 pictured and I’ve also tried out a third called “Rehab” which is SO good if you suffer with an itchy scalp.
The two pictured here are “I Love Juicy” and “Daddy-O”.
I Love Juicy is a jelly shampoo with about 4 different fruit juices in, great for oily hair. It says on the back “for hair that needs a jolly good wash”. I use this as a clarifying shampoo about once or twice a week, and also for stubborn make-up residue on brushes. I would just say that if you have exceptionally dry hair, use a good quality conditioner after using this because it does strip your hair quite a lot because of the active fruit enzymes.
Daddy-O is a naturally purple shampoo with Violet flowers in it. It says it stops blondes becoming brassy. I only have a couple of inches of blonde still left in my hair so I can’t say if it’s made a huge difference but it does also say on the packaging that it works just as well with brunettes and I truly think this shampoo has made my hair shinier. Trick with this is to wash your hair with a different shampoo first, rinse out and apply this all over, getting a really good foam. Leave it on whilst you get on with washing/shaving/singing Beyonce and rinse out right at the end as you put your conditioner on.
Those of you who don’t use conditioner, welcome to the club. This is argan oil friendly and your hair won’t be damaged if you continue to use your oil. Happy Days.

I would recommend Lush to those of you that like your shampoo/body wash to slap you awake in the morning with a big hit of a fruity, refreshing scent. Good for those of us with specific hair care needs as there will be a product to suit you somewhere in the shop. Only con with this is that if you are allergic to alcohol, just don’t go near Lush as there is quite a lot of it in about 98% of their products.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Love, Bonnie xx


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