Cramped Beauty

Cramped Beauty

We’ve all been there – you’re going on holiday and to save money have decided to take just hand luggage. Fine for any males you may be travelling with but suddenly it hits you… “What on EARTH am I going to do about make-up?!” Do you buy a load in the airport and mail it home? (Seems drastic.. of course I’ve NEVER EVER done that… *sits in corner, cries in shame*). However, no more!
I’ve got cramped beauty cracked and under control.
You will need:
A big smile
and a few miniature plastic squeezy bottles (either bought online from Muji or you can save the bottles that everyone nicks from hotel rooms… everyone does that… right?)

This kind of kit is handy to have for business or pleasure trips, long weekends away, taking to the gym or even taking to school. Of course just beware that a small selection of sharps are included here which you will obviously NOT be able to get past airport security.
So, on with the kit.
I’ve got this great japanese print roll up bag which is SO handy for occasions like this, it rolls up into nothing and gives you more space for clothes and shoes (I know, I’m good to you). All of these products fit comfortably into it, I’m not entirely sure what the dimensions are but it’s got 3 zip pockets in the front and an opening to shove a few things down the back as well. The little toggle hanging out to the side is to secure any products that don’t fit sideways into the bottom pocket (handy).
First off, at some point you’re going to need to wipe make-up/sweat/ice cream off of your face and taking either a big bottle of cleanser or a huge wodge of make-up wipes just isn’t practical. Ideally I’d say decant some of your everyday cleanser into a Muji pot but I didn’t see the point in doing that just for the sake of a photo so it’s Pamper’s I’m afraid.
Next up is a little “emergency” kit, something that holds minis of all your essential items. I’ve got a folding zip-up compact kind of thing that holds a cuticle trimmer, nail file, scissors, metal nail file, tweezers and nail clippers. As I said before – PLEASE don’t try and take this on a plane with you because it will be confiscated. However for an in-land holiday this would be ideal.
The black rectangle is a head band – I just find it very useful when cleansing etc. Then I have two bog standard products – toothpaste and shower gel. The shower gel is left over from my long haul flight to New Zealand and is the Original Source Mint and Tea Tree – super super refreshing for long haul flights.
Next up – hair care. I wouldn’t recommend buying miniatures of hair care because you simply get ripped off. Decant your own or get samples from somewhere like space.nk when you’re buying other beauty bits. Simply ask nicely and they’ll be more than happy to oblige! Here I have the Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry Creme, Thickening Hairspray and a sample of their Surf Shampoo and Conditioner. Keeping samples like this smuggled away until the holidays can be a real treat and I really enjoy the feeling of treating yourself to something higher-end when it’s free!
The last pocket is designated to make-up. Now, I don’t know about you, but on holiday I never really bother with anything other than mascara and a bit of tinted lipbalm in the evening. However I’ve included sample sizes of: Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara, Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine in 11 Sugarlump (which is, to this day the only lipgloss that doesn’t make me feel like I’m drowning in treacle), Clinque Almost Bronzer SPF 15 in 01 light/medium and the new Lancome foundation.
Again, all you need to do is go into the shop/counter and ask very politely if they do a sample of *insert product here*. If you know exactly what you want they’re more likely to give it to you because it looks like you’re doing your research. Foundation is the easiest to get samples of, powders are a little trickier. The key is to persevere and gradually collect samples throughout the year instead of going crazy the week before you’re going on holiday. Put together a little kit like this one and just keep updating it, samples are designed to keep well so you don’t have to worry about them going off.
Just remember to ask politely when you’re in higher-end shops for samples and smuggle them away to use when you’re in the sun.
*Note to self – always ask for a foundation sample in a shade darker than your natural colour as your skin will change colour when tanning (obviously)

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post.
Love, Bonnie xx


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