A little secret…

We all get those days when our skin is maybe behaving a little better than usual or we’re not going to leave the house but still want to feel like our face is “dressed”. I don’t know about you but I feel far less ready to face the day without any make-up on. Knowing that that one little (who am I kidding – many large) imperfection is covered up just gives me the confidence to go and kick butt in the day ahead.
However, this post is not about slapping on the warpaint. In fact I suppose you could call this my version of a 4/5 product face.
I start off by giving my face a reaaaaaally good cleanse. This look is quite bare and natural so a fresh face is essential. I (of course) use the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser (blah blah, get on with it Bonnie).
Then I go in with a light-diffusing primer. You can use any kind you like. Daniel Sandler make an excellent retexturizing primer with SPF 20 which is ideal for “make-up free days”, but today I popped on Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch which is great for those of you with naughty pores or naughty skin in general. This primer diffuses light and blurs blemishes like nobody’s business. Don’t get me wrong there is no coverage in this at all, the formula just perfects the skin lightly by changing the way the light hits your face (or something equally science-y).
Once I’ve smoothed that in nice and gently I put a small amount of No. 7’s Skin Illuminator in Pink (they also do one for warm-toned skin called Peach) all over my face. “Say Whaaaaat?!” I hear you ask. The key is in the name – “Skin Illuminator” not highlighter. The Illuminator gives you the much coveted “glow” to the skin, making it look healthy and like you most definitely drink your 8 glasses of water per day. Skin looks plump, healthy, juicy and an incy wincy bit sexy (oo-er). Oily-zone girls panic no more! I have combination skin. I put these products on roughly 6-7 hours ago and I’ve just had a surreptitious nose-rub and no oil-slick is to be found. Result!
Of course you could then go in on top with foundation/cream blush/bronzer etcetera etceteraaaa. Personally, I like to leave this how it is and move onto eyes, feel free to stray from the rules though *throws up “rock on” sign*.
I finish off my fresh-faced look by curling my eyelashes and putting a brown mascara (current fave is Max Factor’s Xperience Volumising Mascara) on my lashes.
You could pop a tinted lip balm on but I stuck to my guns and went for a clear formulation.

This look is excellent if you’ve just started dating someone and are having a chill day or something. He’ll totally think you’re not wearing make-up and idolise you for being such a natural beauty. Ker-ching.

Hope you enjoyed this post my lovelies, may your faces be fresh and glowing for ever more
Love, Bonnie xx


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