A word (or maybe several words) on application of Mascara…

I think this is possibly the most daunting part of applying make-up if you’re a newcomer to the beauty world or even if the bombardment of marketing is bamboozling you slightly when you thought you knew everything there was to know about make-up.
Like technology, make-up is always moving forward, ever evolving, ever changing. It’s hard to keep up if you haven’t made a purchase for a while as new formulas, new brushes and new brands will have been released. That’s where I come and tell you: it’s ok not to understand.
To be honest if you’re not set on a career in make-up, all that you really want mascara to do is make your eyelashes look: longer, thicker and blacker. That’s it right?
I have a fail proof method of making eyelashes look like super-hero versions of themselves that I’ve perfected and put the finishing touches to this year. You will need:

  • an eyelash curler (from any brand, they all do them and to be honest; they’re all the same)
  • a Spoolie (you can get these in packs of 100 for a couple of pounds in pharmacies)
  • a waterproof formula of mascara (don’t look at any of the other properties, just check it’s waterproof (unless you are allergic to the wax, in which case just choose a normal formula)) also if you’re looking for a good, relatively cheap brand I would recommend MaxFactor all the way.

(Just a quick disclaimer that if you already have super curly lashes (you lucky devil you!) you obviously don’t need the eyelash curler – just skip that step)
So, lets get down to it:
First off make sure your eyelashes clean, if you’ve been doing a heavy eye make-up look take the time to get any fallout off of your eyelashes. You can do this with a clean spoolie, a Q-tip, a small piece of cotton wool, a tissue (you get the jist)
Then, hold your eyelash curlers gently, being careful not to put any pressure on the handles. Take a little time to wiggle it or adjust it down to the base of your eyelashes and make sure all of your eyelashes are laying on the pad of the eyelash curler. Then clamp down gently and tilt the handles of the eyelash curler upwards, bringing your hand forward and up. Hold down for around 10-20 seconds, the first 10 seconds being held firmly down and the next 10 gently pumping the handles of the eyelash curler to get a really graduated curl. Carefully remove the eyelash curler and repeat for the other eye.
That’s the technical bit over. Phew. Take a minute to calm your eyes if they’ve started to water, which might happen if you’re not used to using curlers.
Next, take your mascara and tilting your head back (so your eyelashes are pointing directly up, minimising the risk of getting mascara onto your eyeshadow or eyelid) gently wiggle and stroke your way up the lashes. Do not blink. Brush through gently with a spoolie and repeat again if you want to. The spoolie will stop clumps from forming and make sure you don’t end up with spidery, sticky lashes.

I hope this helps the newbies, and also anyone else that was struggling with mascara.
At the end of the day, it’s not the formula that does the work but you!
Love, Bonnie xx


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