Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout No. 002

This is the first EVER matte lipstick to make it past the first usage. Normally I slick one on and in two seconds my lips feel dry, cracked and uncomfortable. This has happened to me with ALL the Kate Moss lipsticks I’ve bought and to be honest I was so put off that I just didn’t want to try a matte lipstick again.

That was until I mistakenly picked this up in a quick splash-and-dash in Superdrug – I got it home and immediately thought “Oh bugger, that’s another £7 down the drain”. Because I’d bought it and make-up is non-returnable in the UK I forced myself to try it again and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did.
This is not a conventional matte lipstick and I probably should have realised that the high street formulas would have improved since Kate first brought out her collection for Rimmel. The consistency is very creamy and doesn’t drag when you are applying it, because of the consistency it is ideal for building coverage by blotting and re-applying, I reckon you could get away with up to four or five really rubbed in and blotted out layers.
It might be a bit blue toned for the summer (in which case I would recommend “Mauve It Over” which is a slightly warmer and darker colour if you’re on the hunt for a summer nude) however it will be perfect for winter when my skin tends to get a bit lighter and also gets more red and pink undertones in which case the blue will counteract them.
The colour payoff is excellent, really amazing for a high-street buy.
For £7 any of the colours in this delicious formula are well worth the purchase!

Happy shopping, love Bonnie xxImage



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