Real Techniques Brushes

Real Techniques Brushes

These brushes are fast becoming a cult beauty essential and something that every beauty blogger, youtuber and fanatic has quickly added to their collection. The pixiwoo girls have been a recent addition to my youtube “subbies” list and I have to say I watch their videos avidly looking for more innovative make-up looks and picking up handy hints.
I currently own the Starter Set – 5 eye brushes comprising the Base Shadow brush, Deluxe Crease brush, Accent brush (smudging brush), Eyeliner brush and a an angled Brow brush (which I confess to being my favourite out of the set). I also have the Powder, Blush and Expert Face Brushes.
The benefits of these brushes are that they are made from a synthetic material called Taklon. This means they won’t react with any products, won’t change the consistency of products, apply well and don’t soak any product up. The majority of the brushes are also dual fibre which means that a lot of blending is done for you – making it ideal for younger make-up lovers, novices and those that just want a soft look, easily.
The brushes also wash and dry beautifully (although watch out for the expert face brush because sometimes it needs a little something extra in the cleaning department if you use a full coverage liquid foundation) and dry back into shape as well – another thing that natural haired brushes tend to lack. Obviously as they synthetic they are 100% cruelty free so your conscience will love you as well!
Those of you who have not yet jumped on the band wagon I would advise you to take the leap now! The brushes are such high quality and relatively cheap, also readily available in Boots and Superdrug where they always have offers so they won’t break the bank.
Let me know how you get on with your purchasing or, if you already have them, I’d love to know what your favourites are!
Love Bonnie xx


3 thoughts on “Real Techniques Brushes

      • The buffing brush isn’t as dense. It takes me longer to get an even amount of foundation applied when using the expert face brush. I feel like I can blend out my foundation a lot easier and quicker with the buffing brush. Honestly, I don’t really use the other brushes from the collection… unless all my other brushes are dirty. It seems like most people like the expert face brush better, but the buffing brush is definitely my most reached for brush. I think it’s worth it!

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